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Dakota Valley/Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship

This scholarship program recognizes and encourages the academic achievements of students in the region, serves as an investment in the economic future of rural areas.

Annually, each of the 135 electric cooperatives that make up Basin Electric Power Cooperative (including Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative) receives $1,000 from Basin Electric to award a scholarship to a qualifying dependent of a Dakota Valley Electric member, who will be enrolled as a college freshman for the upcoming school year.

Applicants for the scholarship must be high school seniors enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time course of study at an accredited two-year or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on a combination of SAT/ACT scores and overall grade-point average, work experience, participation in school and community activities, a personal statement of career goals, a written recommendation by a third party and a written essay. Download the application here.

Previous scholarship winners:

  • 2018
    Gabriel Lothspeich, Wyndmere
  • 2017 
    Abbey Forward, Oakes
  • 2016
    Joshua Geinert, Nortonville
  • 2015
    Madison Ryckman, Oakes
  • 2014
    Taylor Wyum, Rutland, N.D.
  • 2013
    Hallie Anderson, Edgeley Public School
  • 2012
    Steven Giesler, Kulm Public School
  • 2011
    Makenzie Sell, Oakes Public High School
  • 2010
    David Goerger, Wyndmere
  • 2009
    Courtney Euschner, Gwinner
    Logan Metzen, Hankinson
  • 2008
    Thomas Keller, Wyndmere
  • 2007
    Ashton Breker, Havana
  • 2006
    Kelly Brademeyer, Verona
  • 2005
    Krista Vogel, Kulm
  • 2004
    Scott Brendt, Cayuga
    Mark Potts, Verona
    Darcy Brandenburg, Edgeley
  • 2003
    Alex Radermacher, Edgeley
    Cassandra Ptacek, Oakes
    Amy Weeda, Wahlieton
  • 2002
    Greg Schildberger, Hankinson
    Ryan Delahoyde, Cogswell
    Erica Leigh Martin, Forbes
  • 2001
    Kayla Foertsch, Mantador
    Christoliher Erlandson, Oakes
    Sarah Kaiser, Ellendale
    Will Kusler, Kulm
  • 2000
    Daniel Krumli, Hankinson
    Emilie Holweg, Marion
    Rae Anne Skattum, Adrian
  • 1999
    Karen Potts, Verona
  • 1998
    Sadie Feist, Edgeley
  • 1997
    Kellie Bitz, LaMoure
  • 1996
    Kimberly Bitz, LaMoure
  • 1995
    Kristi Schlosser, Edgeley
  • 1994
    Nicole Rohrbeck, Marion
    Terra Shockman, Berlin
  • 1993
    Lori Geinger, Streeter
  • 1992
    Dana Aberle, Edgeley

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